Sample Exam

A sample exam paper, in the same format as this year's exam can be found here. This is similar to previous years' exams with the main difference being that you are now only required to answer three rather than four questions. It is also worth looking at previous papers but bear in mind that we have covered new material this year and that those exams look at material we did not cover in any great detail (instruction decoding, binary multiplication, floating-point).

Sample Answers for the sample exam can be found here.


Click the tiles below for the lecture notes

The source files used in lectures 19—21 can be found here.


Coursework is due in at 2355. Please do not leave the coursework until the last minute but rather make use of the labs and tutorials provided during the week. Late submission will be subject to the standard penalty of 5% per day.

NameCS Moodle submission linkDue Date
Finding the Largest PairSubmit6th December 2013

Lab Exercises

These are unassesed and are designed to familiarize you with ARM assembler. The first exercise is now available. drinks.c and drinks.s accompany this worksheet. A second exercise about ARM addressing modes is also now available. The strlen example from Lecture 16 is availaable here.


Several resources to support the module can be found here.


Handout on Logic Equations to accompany lecture four.

The second half of this handout on Getting started with UNIX/Linux for G51PRG and G51CSA explains how to use the Komodo system to develop ARM code.