A tutorial in accessing and using Komodo on the CS Linux systems can be found in the second half of this document.


A sample exam, in the same format as this year's, is available here. Please note that the format of the exam is different to previous years (it has reduced from 1.5/2hrs to one hour, and the number of questions is proporitionally less). Sample Answers are also available.


Click the tiles below for the lecture notes

Additional notes

Additional notes for Lecture 23 can be found here.

Computerphile video on Christmas Tree demo from Lecture 23

Computerphile video on how memory works used in Lecture 8

Examples ARM code created in the lectures is available in this zip.


Details about the second G51CSA coursework can be found in this pdf. It is due in on 9th December 2014 at 23:55, submission will be via TMA, login using your CS username and password, then select 'Submit Coursework' from the menu at the top, and select the CSA coursework. CS Issue Sheet

Details about the first G51CSA coursework can be found on the dedicated coursework page. Please note that the coursework has been updated to include the final component set. Details of deadlines and assessment can be found on the page.


The allocation of students to tutorials is listed here. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Readings and Informal Exercises


Several resources to support the module can be found here.


Handout on Logic Equations to accompany lecture four.

The second half of this handout on Getting started with UNIX/Linux for G51PRG and G51CSA explains how to use the Komodo system to develop ARM code.