ARM and Komodo

  • With thanks to Charlie Brej, Jim Garside and Pete Jinks. School of CS. University of Manchester
  • Fascinating undergrad project to port MacOS XNU kernel to a cloned ARM5-compatible processor

    How to write a Kernel

    These two links show you how to write the ‘kernel’ of an Operating System in C, and get a PC to boot it up. Why not give it a try…


    A group of students at IC, created a ‘bare-metal’ (i.e. the computer boots straight into the game with no OS running) recreation of the SuperNintendo game ‘StarFox’.

    Binary Arithmetic Overflow

    IEEE Floating Point

    And thanks to Jaume Bacardit and Thorsten Altenkirch for digging out these extra resources



    Apple 1 Replica Creation

    Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software
    2nd Edition

    ARM Assembly Language
    Fundamentals and Techniques

    ARM System-on-chip Architecture